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Heartfelt Support Groups seek to be a place to seek God’s hope and healing from the real pain of betrayal trauma. Safe, Honest, and Vulnerable are words that describe the energy of the groups. Unfolding our identity in Christ and God’s love for us.

Whether you has just found out or, you are 3 months into the process or +5 years or more into the process.  We will welcome you to the group, The goal is for women to feel “Safe” and “Loved Beyond Measure by God”.

Who are these support groups for?

A woman who has been hurt by her husband or significant other due to his sexual integrity issues (lust and fantasizing, pornography, emotional affairs, physical affairs, strip clubs, incarceration, required to register on sex offender registry etc.). 

Who are these groups for?

Hurtful, negative, and traumatic events from the past and current situations, such as disclosure and discovery of partner betrayal, are painful.  This trauma may have led to extreme confusion and frustration. God is a God of healing. It is our heartfelt desire that you can find God’s freedom as he heals your emotions and brings restoration to your relationships.

Topics Covered in Heartfelt Groups
  • Understanding the Impact of Sexual Betrayal

  • Sharing your Journey in a Safe Place

  • Goal Setting

  • Our Response to Our Circumstances

    • ​Our Human Condition and God’s Compassion for Us

    • Identity in Christ- (The Life Diagrams, Messages, and The Hope of the Cross)

    • The Truth About Feelings and Standing Firm in The Truth

    • Concept of God in Circumstances

    • Anger

    • Forgiveness

    • Trust Building

    • Awareness and What Can Elevate Our Reactions

    • True Intimacy and False Intimacy

    • Thankfulness and Prayer

Topics Covered
What to Expect
What to Expect in Group

The focus will not be on the husband’s betrayal but rather on each women’s healing.  Safe, honest, and vulnerable are three words that describe the energy of the group.  This will be a place where we will not judge each other but rather embrace that we are all on a different journey with a common goal. 

Unfolding our Identity in Christ and God's Unconditional Love for Us 

There are 3 Phases To Explore
Phase I: Safety 
Phase II: Remembering & Mourning
Phase III: Reconnecting
When? Where? How to Get Involved?

Grace Ministries Heartfelt Betrayal Trauma Support Group 


If you are interested in registering for a group these are steps, you can expect.
Step #1: Register for group participation.  
Step #2: After you have registered, you will be contacted to schedule an informational appointment.
Step #3: After assessing your needs, You will be directed to the services most beneficial to your circumstances.
Step #4: If the groups are a good fit for your circumstances, you will be placed in the next available scheduled group that meets your needs or the waiting list.
When? Where? How?
Upcoming Sessions
Upcoming Sessions

Session#1: Starting, Sept 6, 2023-Dec 13, 2023, Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm

Session #2: Starting, January 10. 2024-April 10, 2024, Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm

If you have questions about the Grace Ministries Heartfelt Betrayal Trauma Support Groups, contact Sherry Marchand.
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