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Online or In-Person

Grace Ministries' "True Life Cafe" is a pastoral counseling, coaching, teaching, and training ministry. We are a biblical, cross-denominational, non-profit ministry committed to helping people discover how much they are loved by God and how the Gospel that gets them to heaven, can set them free today.


We are not a church.  We are not professional counselors.  We are a ministry that is committed to sharing and modeling Jesus-centered solutions in various ways, including pastoral counseling and coaching.

Coaching is conducted through one-on-one individual meetings that provide a safe and caring environment where an individual can explore their particular needs. The Holy Spirit, not the staff person, is the agent of change.

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Request an Appointment

Request an Appointment

Click the button below to open and complete the simple form.  After you have been assigned a coach, you will be asked to complete a more detailed application.


In-Person Coaching Locations

Coaching Locations
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