Our family recently went through a period where, in 3 months, we lost 5 people who were very close to us. Long term illnesses including pancreatic cancer and ALS, an overdose, a suicide and the sudden death of a family member seemed like just too much to process. I told my friends, that it was like having the ‘emotional dry heaves.’


I am currently going in to my 32nd year of vocational ministry as a counselor, teacher and student. One of my current conclusions has been the relative importance of the writings in the Hebrew scriptures found in the book of Job along with the New Covenant letter addressed to the Romans.


Romans logically walks through how a real relationship with God is established and maintained, while Job’s story paints a personal and poetic picture of the reality and significance of pain in the life of someone who might dare to place their hope in God.


As my unanswered ‘why God’ questions began to fade, I was left with the pain. You see, I always believed that God was all knowing, but the fact that He wouldn’t tell me ‘why’ only added to my hurt and confusion.


I thought I needed (deserved) an explanation.


I have begun to realize that while the answers to my ‘why’ questions were important, that more than anything else, I needed comfort. And I wouldn’t find comfort in an explanation. In fact, I don’t think there is even a Hebrew name for God that translates as ‘the One who satisfies my need to understand.’  


I needed Comfort, Healing, and Friendship and fortunately, He is all that and more.


When facing the big questions in my own life and as I have had opportunity to share hope with others, I wouldn’t typically have run to the equine section of the bookstore looking for answers. Sometimes we need a friend who is just different enough to lead us out of the same isles that we have been traveling for most of our lives so that we might be surprised.


I didn’t read this book because of its beautiful cover or its theme. I read it because I have known Katy long enough and well enough to know that she has lived her life out loud. Without pretense or pat answers. I like that.


I’m so grateful that this story doesn’t attempt to explain why bad things happen. And even better, this story doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all prescription for how to fix a problem.


Katy has captured in this surprising story an imaginative combination of truth that I have sometimes only been able to stare at when I re-read the pages of Job and Romans. 


What really surprised me is that being able to cry again has helped me more than I would have ever known to asked for. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jubilee!



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