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We all can benefit from being reminded about what's really true about who God is and who we are in Him. That's our hope for this newsletter... Along with letting you know about upcoming events, our desire is that this newsletter would be a source of encouragement and hope. 2016 offers a new set of days to live and share this incredible life in Jesus. I hope you'll join us in discovering more about how the same Gospel that gets us to heaven, sets us free to really live today!

                               To Ponder

As we consider the whole idea of making resolutions, here is a thought to consider...  "God has delivered me from many things, but not once has He delivered me from something I was working to overcome"   
                                                      - Michael Wells 

Counseling Testimony

 "In December of 2014, I wanted to die. I was fine on the outside, but all I could think of was how much I did not want to live anymore... I finally called Grace Ministries, I was convinced that I was at the right place after they informed me that Grace Ministries didn't turn anyone away for financial reasons...  Read More

"Problems, God's Presence and Prayer" by Michael Wells
This book provides a thoughtful approach to how problems play an important role in our lives as Believers. It starts with the understanding that as Believers, problems are normal and we are not exempt from the pain and adversity of difficulties. It moves on to a key point - that these problems are God's way of revealing our need to depend on Him and to reveal Himself in us. As we experience problems and exhaust ourselves from our own efforts, we learn the joy and relief of dependence.


As we begin to rest in this understanding, we come to a place where despite the problem, we have a sense of peace and rest knowing that our Father is present and is revealing His goodness, to bring us into closer communion with Him. As a result, we often experience a closer more dependent relationship during our problems.


With some comfort to all of us, Wells draws on the fact that all Believers experience "winter", dryness, adversity and pain as God refines and reveals His presence to us. Problems bring us into direct contact with Himself; That He is enough, He is the all-sufficient Healer, Lover, and Source. When we resist or try to solve problems on our own, God allows us to experience exhaustion. That, in fact, He can do ALL things through us and that abundant living and freedom come from radical dependence on Him as our source.

Book Review
Book Review
Upcoming Events

True Life 101
Saturday, January 30th
9 am - 3 pm
Centreville Presbyterian Church
$35/person,  Learn More

Monday Night Grace
Monday evening drop-in group for everyone!
7:00 - 8:30 pm
Hope Christian Fellowship - Warrenton, VA
(No charge. Donations accepted.)
 Learn More

2016 Celebration Dinner 
May 6th
Special Guest:
John Lynch - Author: The Cure & On My Worst Day 
Fairview Park Marriott - Falls Church, VA 

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