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You've tried everything to fix yourself, your kids, and your job, but the changes never last. Suddenly the light dawns. It's not your problems that need to be fixed - it's your life! The good news is that God doesn't ask you to live your life for Christ, but to let Him live His life through you. 

With humor, candor, and "plain vanilla talk," Bill Gillham reveals...

  • the root of our problems-the techniques we have developed for satisfying our needs for love and self-esteem

  • the key to victory-our true identity in Christ

  • God's goal for our lives-conformity to Christ's image as He lives through us

Jesus is the only one who has ever truly lived the Christian life, and He wants to do it today- in you.

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  2. Provide a working email address.

  3. Enter credit card details.

  4. Download.

  5. Unzip.

  6. Enjoy!

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