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John Lynch Video


Watch this short promo video for John's book, On My Worst Day.  Join us and experience John "live" at our Celebration Dinner - Friday, May 6th

Book Review

On My Worst Day by John Lynch


Many of us stumbled into Jesus and discovered the one we'd been searching for all our lives, whether we knew it or not. He told us everything was going to be alright. He was a best friend who whispered that He loved us to the exact extent His father loved him. He saw everything we did yet refused to condemn us ever. He was an incredibly powerful and supernatural God who could actually change the outcome of our horror into beauty.

Then enter shame, time, failure, disappointment, and bad teaching. We learned to see him as disgusted that we haven't shaped up by now. We now have a hard time reading the words of Jesus without feeling He's telling us we're not enough and we should be better, after all He's done for us. And we pull back, not as easily daring to trust Him with us, less willing to trust his plans, life and destiny for us.

What if that voice didn't exist for us?

What if we could read His voice, hear His voice, without an artificial, religious filter? And what if we discovered He has been caring about us, speaking to us, wooing us, entering into our daily events, from the very start, long before we took even a hint of interest in Him?

On My Worst Day allows us to watch one person's journey to re-discovering that voice of Jesus. We are allowed to imagine what Jesus might be saying to us in our best and worst, our horrid disasters and funniest moments. We will cry, laugh, and find ourselves in every story. And we will walk away changed; drenched with hope, and the best friend we found at the start.


This book is available in print, and we also recommend it in Audio book format



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